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Attractions in the area

Darlow's monuments
Attractions of the region

Darlow's monuments

Hotel Lidia is a place for every season.   Thanks to this extensive infrastructure you can not get bored here. Everyone is here for something. This is a unique place with an exceptionally rich offer.
Darlow's monuments
Attractions of the region
St. Mary’s Church
In 1321 the Bishop of Kamień handed over the parish in Darłowo to Święc Brethern and it was in that very year that the construction of St. Mary's Church commenced. The church was destroyed by many fires in 1589, 1624, 1676 and 1722. The most destructive one was the fire of 1676, when following the stroke of a lightning the total interior of the church and the tower burnt down. From 1535 until the end of World War II in 1945 the church belonged to Protestants, who constituted a majority in Pomerania. During that time the church underwent numerous architectural changes, of which wooden balconies in front of choir and aisles added in 1897 are worth mentioning
St. George’s Church
The third of Darłowo churches that survived down to our times. It was built outside the city walls due to plague hazard, as it was also a hospital. Two hospitals used to belong to the church: the Holy Spirit for the poor and ill as well as St. Jurgen, being primarily a leprosarium. In 1680 and later the church was surrounded with huts of clay; a dwelling place for the ill and the decrepit. There were also small vegetable gardens next to them. The Holy Ghost Hospital was taken care of by the female order of Chartreuse. They were summoned to prayer by the striking of a bell, transferred here in 1623 from St. Gertrude's Church. The poor inhabiting the huts would often sweep the market square in Darłowo or work as gravediggers or undertakers. Currently St. George's Church belongs to the Franciscan order and is a part of St. Mary's parish. There is a road on the causeway running from the new town gate towards Darłówko. There used to be St. Nicolas's Church, the holy patron of sailors, fishermen and children on the left side of the road, about 150 m away from the gate. There were St. Nicolas's Chapels and Churches in all coastal towns and villages. The oldest records to mention the church date back to 1491. The church can be seen on Lubinus's map on 1618. It might have been destroyed during the Thirty Years' War.
St. Gertrude’s Church
The only church of the kind in Pomerania, the pearl of Scandinavian Gothic; its appearance makes references to the Holy Sepulchre. The earliest records to mention St. Gertrude's Chapel date back to 1497 when Darłowo experienced the most disastrous flood in history due to a tidal wave which was so powerful, that a ship was carried to the bottom of the hill where the church was located. St. Gertrude's Church is of central, hexagonal plan, with a twelve-angle lower aisle, and alternating higher and lower sides. The building is surrounded with a step-like buttress. The church is covered with a twelve-pitch, steep, shingled roof. The central part of the roof houses a hexagonal tower with a high pyramid topped with a sphere, a cross and a rooster. There are five balconies opposite the main altar; their balustrades are decorated with pictures of the shoemakers' guild as well as the Four Evangelists: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Neo-baroque pipes of 1912 as well as organs of 1860 are also of interest. Pew fronts are decorated with painted coat of arms of towns and the richest merchants' and dyers' guilds of 1733 and saints: Peter and Paul as well as Luter and Malanchthon. The patron saint of the church is St. Gertrude. She was the abbess of the monastery in Nivelles, in the Belgian province of Walloon Braban, founded by Itta. She became the monastery's first abbess in 647 and was venerated as a saint in 857. She is the patron of sailors, travellers, the abandoned and the homeless as well as the diseased and penencing for sins.
The Town Hall
The old Town Hall, which used to be located in the centre of the market square burnt to the ground during the great fire in 1722. The seat of the authorities of the town was transferred to thoroughly refurbished market hall located close to St. Mary's Church, which has been the official Town Hall since 1722.The interior and the furnishing lack any historical character. Worth noting is the Renaissance portal, the remains of the previous town hall, placed above the entrance. It represents the coat of arms of the town: griffin with fish's tail and an inscription in Latin, which says: 'Town located in AD 12 (the last two figures are not given as these are unknown), extended in 1312 Burnt three times: in 1589, 1624, 1648, and just as many revived. Dear to God and the Duke, may you be always happy. May you grow dear fort, flourish, may God make you happy, and may the Duke long protect you. To our despair, destroyed again by fire in 1675 and 1722, and may this town hall rebuilt in 1725 be last.'
High Gate
Despite changing its appearance and character many times, the 14th century High Gate, also called the Stone Gate or the Brick Gate, gives an insight into what the old town walls could look like. The construction of the town walls not only raised the defence qualities of the town, but also strengthened its political prestige. The gate was given its present day appearance in 1732, at the time of the last refurbishment. The date, made of iron rods, can be seen on the façade facing the town. Build of brick in Wendian bond, and in Polish bond in its upper part it is topped with hipped roof. Loop holes have survived down to our times. Town guards kept watch of the town and the countryside and raised alarm if there was a fire or other emergency.
Fisherman’s statue
he statue, being also a fountain is located almost in the town centre, next to the town hall. It was designed by a famous German artist: Wilhelm Gross in 1919. The Heptenmachers, one of the most affluent and best known families of the town were the founders of the monument. The members of the family were the proprietors of quite a big fleet of sailing vessels and merchant ships on the Baltic. There are bronze low relieves on the four sides of the pedestal on which the fisherman stands depicting life of the inhabitants of Darłowo. The low relief facing the town hall depicts a knight in the place where the town was built; next to him there is a writer and workmen digging a ditch to surround the stronghold. Northerly low relief shows dockers carrying goods on board a sailing vessel. Easterly low relief shows a Hanseatic cog rolling on the waves. The final southerly low relief depicts a shepherd with a flock of sheep and a woman looking after a bevy of geese. Goose meat, and liver in particular, were the best export merchandise of Darłowo.
The Lighthouse in Darłowo
Most easterly lighthouse in Western Pomerania, built at the head of eastern breakwater, at the Wieprza estuary. The first record to mention the lighthouse date back to 1715 when the authorities of the town ordered that lights be set on both banks of the Biebrza estuary. However, it was not until 1885 that a one-storey, small pilot station was built. It was a small red brick house with an adjoining tower. Pilot room was on the second floor and their duty was to observe the port roads as well as the maintenance of the lighthouse giving safe bearings to ships heading for the harbour. At the turn of the 19th and the 20th centuries the lighthouse was refurbished: the lenses and the colour of the source of light were changed, power increased. In 1927 one floor was added on the top of the lighthouse. The structure was topped with a white steel cupola where the source of light was transferred. Since that time the appearance of the lighthouse has been subject to minor changes only. Today the tower is 22 meters high, and the light range is almost 30 kilometres. Historical buildings, preserved medieval layout of streets, the Wieprza cutting through the town create plenty of picturesque corners that make you feel like having a walk each time to discover something new, something unique.
Attractions of the region

W okolicy Darłówka jest wiele ciekawych miejsc, które warto zobaczyć podczas pobytu w naszym hotelu. Przedstawiamy atrakcje dla całej rodziny!

Five stars ***** resort
According to the ranking of the seaside resort developed by the journalists "Polityka" and the Radio RMF FM, Darłowo and Darłówko is one of the best holiday destinations on the Polish Baltic Sea and has been called the "5 Stars Resort" for several years.
Leonardia Park in Krupy
About a hundred games are located in the park. There are both individual and group games. Each game has been designed and hand-made of wood and metal in a single copy. OPENING HOURS: Monday – Sunday: 10:00 – 20:00 Tickets are sold till 19:00. source:
Amber Museum in Jarosławiec
This is not an ordinary museum. Instead of cabinets and boring descriptions what awaits you here is an amazing scenery, thrilling exhibitions and highly realistic reconstructions of works of nature. In the amber forest you can admire all forms and colors of amber. In the underground cave you will see phenomenal amber nuggets weighing up to 1 kilo! In the room with amber inclusions out of the darkness emerge windows through which you can see what is the most beautiful in amber - magical inclusions. In 42 million-year-old nuggets Nature enclosed various insects, arachnids, plants, twigs, and even ... droplets of water. OPENING HOURS: Monday – Sunday: 9:00 – 21:00 source:
The Marian Fort in Malechowo
The military Museum, founded by the "TYTAN" association whose founder was Marian Laskowski. It is an initiative of enthusiasts and collectors of military vehicles. The collection includes a lot of unique military vehicles such as: an American REO truck, a Merida T-55 tank, a collection of motorcycles. In the museum there are remains of the world's largest steel bunker that was used to test ammunition and an observation "Kugelbunker". OPENING HOURS: Monday – Friday: 10:00 – 17:00 Saturday: 11:00 – 15:00 source:
Paproty - the village of mazes and water springs
The program includes an outdoor "Mystery Druid" game, capturing the Maze Tower, wicker whistles, balloon catapult, soap mega-bubbles, wickerwork and pottery workshops (on request). The offer is flexible and can be tailored to individual needs by prior arrangement with the coordinator. source:
Windsurfing and kitesurfing

Szkoła windsurfingu i kitesurfingu: Na miłośników sportów wodnych czeka jezioro Resko Przymorskie połączone z Bałtykiem żeglownym Kanałem Resko, w którym znajduje się port oraz przystań dla jachtów i windsurferów. Szkoła windsurfingu i kitesurfingu wraz z wypożyczalnią sprzętu mieści się nad jeziorem Resko. 

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